A group of organizations decided to raise their voice in the framework of the celebration of Democracy Day, on January 23rd, to reaffirm their commitment with the reconstruction of the electoral path and the establishment of guarantees and conditions in favor of having free elections in Venezuela.

In view of the 2024-2025 biennium, representatives of the organizations Sinergia, Voto Joven, Observatorio Global de Comunicación y Democracia and Cepaz, released a statement through which they say that “it is imperative to start working on the elaboration of feasible proposals regarding registration, updating and auditing of the electoral registry inside and outside the country”, the document states.

We must stop being islands and build solid bridges that allow us to meet in collective action.

“We need initiatives in favor of the country that help us to build a democratic path that we know today is diffuse, it is not easy, but we also know that it is possible and we must not stop making an effort” expressed Karen Castillo from the Global Observatory of Communication and Democracy.

Among the most important points to highlight, the following stand out:

The invitation to continue working for the strengthening of the democratic institutionality and the Electoral Power appointed in May 2021, remembering that it was a proposal driven from the civil society and to defend the compliance to what is established in the National Constitution.

The facilitation of the updating and registration of citizens in the electoral registry inside and outside the country and the respect for the right to elect and be elected as a fundamental premise of the process to solve the crisis in Venezuela.

In this sense, Wanda Cedeño from Voto Joven pointed out that more than 3 million young Venezuelans are not currently registered in the electoral registry, inside and outside the country, a figure that could increase to 3.5 million by the 2024 elections if nothing is done. She also reminded that the registry is open and that any inconvenience can be attended to in its denunciation platform: Venezuela Documenta.

“We know that we are facing a humanitarian crisis that is originated by the political crisis we are living, so it is important that we make these calls and raise our voices as civil society and as organizations that accompany citizens in this process of participation” concluded the activists.

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