The year 2021 opens the doors a to a new electoral process in Venezuela. On November 21th, citizens will be able to go to their voting center to elect 23 governors, 335 mayors, 253 council members state legislatures and 2,471 councilors.

However, after a history of multiple electoral events held in the past that have not been transparent: What is the electoral panorama for the holding of the elections of the 21N?

From the Center for Justice and Peace, Cepaz, we have recognized and documented the profound damage suffered by the mechanisms of citizen participation in Venezuela. The upcoming regional and municipal elections are not an exception. The electoral schedule has been developed under a pattern that has threatened and violated the political rights of venezuelans citizens and generates a deep mistrust among the population.

However, We believe that the reconstruction of the electoral system is the main exit to the current crisis. The participations of venezuelan citizens exercising their voting rights is fundamental to start rebuilding a new institutional path for the country.


1.- The recently appointed electoral authority is the least unbalanced candidate that has been elected in almost two decades.

2.– The national electoral authority promulgated a special regulation to guarantee the equal rights and political participation of legislators and councilors during the elections.

3.- Progress regarding the accreditation of the national electoral observation.

4.- Implementation of a comprehensive audit protocol for the automated voting system.


1.- Political proselitysm was observed at the electoral registration centers.

2.- To date there is no knowledge of authorizations of the 28 opposition leaders disabled this year, or others that in the past had been politically disabled by the Government.

3.- Election of indigenous representation openly unconstitutional.

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Peace for Venezuela

Peace for Venezuela is a campaign that aims to break down the information bias surrounding the Venezuelan crisis within the international community and promote a stronger and more constructive role for the United Nations.